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Josh Nederveld

Posted by on Monday, August 24, 2015

Web Development

Introducing the WordPress Admin Command Palette Plugin


When you're using the Admin Command Palette, it'll feel like you're navigating the WordPress admin at warp speed.

What it is

It’s a live search modal window in the WordPress admin! Using it to search admin content will return results for WordPress Admin Menu items, as well as links to the Edit Screen for user-generated content. We also included some keyboard shortcuts to make WordPress Admin Actions faster.

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Seth Wilson

Posted by on Friday, August 14, 2015

Online Marketing

Treat Your SEO Keyword List Like a Pack of Wildebeest

Act as the lion, and maul your SEO targets.

Act as the lion, and maul your SEO targets.

One of the initial steps of any search engine marketing (SEO) campaign is to form a list of target keywords. Where webmasters and SEO’s often go wrong is prioritizing the highest traffic, most competitive keywords. They should learn from the lion. It always goes for the smallest and weakest first.

The lion doesn’t go and attack the biggest wildebeest in the pack. It knows that if it goes for the biggest, it could potentially yield the most meat. It also knows that such a task will, at best, just consume a lot of energy for no gain. At worst, it will get the lion trampled under the weight of a thousand panicked hooves. Continue Reading…

Alex Nikdel

Posted by on Monday, August 3, 2015

Culture & Community

CNP Named One of Florida’s Best Companies to Work For


One of only 100 companies to make the cut, CNP was ranked 27th in the Best Small Companies category.

Florida Trend released its annual list of Florida’s Best Companies to Work For in its August issue, and I’m very excited to announce that CNP made the cut!

I would like to think it’s our no-cap vacation policy (don’t abuse it), afternoon Frisbee breaks (I’d rather that than an afternoon cigarette break), cupcakes on your birthday (or a cheese platter), Bring Your CNPuppy to Work days (which is really any day), or our weekly Happy Hours (always be responsible) that make us one of Florida’s best places to work.

But, the biggest perk we offer our staff is the ability to come in every day and collaborate with one of the most intelligent, creative and fun-loving groups of people in the state. Everyone here is collectively passionate about pushing the boundaries on every project and continuing to innovate and dominate every project they work on.

The reaction from around the office:

Florida Trend’s evaluation includes a review of company policies, practices, and demographics, as well as results from an anonymous employee survey that asks questions about company culture, job satisfaction, work environment, and pay and benefits.

Jarrett Smith

Posted by on Friday, April 24, 2015

Online Marketing

Smart New Travel Site Delivers Big Results

Custom Getaways photo

There’s no greater thrill than delivering a beautiful product that just plain delivers the goods. Whether it’s in the form of leads captured, time saved, or customers' delight, the slickest marketing in the world means nothing unless it brings home the bacon, and our new site for this luxury sports travel company does just that.

As the longest running official Tour de France tour operator, Custom Getaways creates extraordinary international travel experiences for cycling fanatics. With a badly outdated website and sophisticated competitors moving into their niche, owners Chris and Geraldine Hardy knew it was time to make a serious investment in their online marketing. Continue Reading…

Jarrett Smith

Posted by on Monday, March 30, 2015

Online Marketing

How Much Should Your Website Cost?


It's a surprisingly tricky question to answer, but never fear, there are answers (ish) to be had.

How much should a website cost? It’s a question we get asked fairly often. It’s also a notoriously difficult question to answer, because just like buying a house, a car, or a college education, there are countless factors that can impact the final cost. Continue Reading…

Maggie Ross

Posted by on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Culture & Community

CNP Takes Home Gold and Silvers at the 2015 Polk County ADDY Awards


Between growing our team and preparing for our new office, we have been very busy … all while producing some exciting and now award-winning work for our clients.

The ADDYS is an annual award ceremony hosted by the American Advertising Federation (Polk County Chapter). Agencies and in-house creative teams in our region submit their hard work from the previous calendar year to be entered to win the titles of Silver, Gold, Best in Show or the highly coveted Benny awards (aka the highest scoring project in each category). Continue Reading…

Jarrett Smith

Posted by on Friday, March 13, 2015

Advertising & Creative, Online Marketing

4 Game-Changing Questions to Put Your Digital Marketing On Track


Digital marketing elicits more shiny-object syndrome than any other set of marketing tools. Here's how to make sure you're not wasting your time.

The digital marketing space changes at a blindingly fast pace. And while being on the look out for the next big thing is an important part of the game, it’s always good to tap the brakes on that impulse every now and then to make sure you’re not blindly wasting your time. Continue Reading…

Katrina Hill

Posted by on Monday, February 16, 2015

Advertising & Creative

One Thing Katrina Says About Advertising & Creative

Everyone wants to optimize their media budgets, but few put in the continuous effort necessary to properly understand their audience and measure ROI.  What isn’t measured cannot be managed.  If you are not researching and measuring, there’s no way to know what should be expanded, what should be cut  or how to act upon the data you have.

Alex Nikdel

Posted by on Thursday, February 12, 2015

Culture & Community

New CNP Offices, Coming This May


We're excited to announce that we're expanding our existing office to include the previously unoccupied office space next door (on the corner of 4th Street NW and Avenue A NW).

Construction is already underway, and we anticipate a move-in date of early May.

The new office features 6,400 square feet of open-plan workspace, about 30% more than our existing space. Our staff and clients can look forward to break-out rooms, natural lighting and an open environment perfect for connecting and fostering creativity. Continue Reading…

The Hub and Spoke Model for Marketing: The Wheel is Still King

Hub & Spoke Marketing Model

No need to reinvent the wheel. It’s still awesome.

Digital footprints, driving traffic – we’re all on a mission to make our mark and constantly improve our online presences. A marketing strategy based on the Hub & Spoke model can help spread your top notch content across the web and around the (real) world. Luckily, the concept is simple. By making some simple tweaks to your advertising, marketing, PR and social media strategies, you’ll be better much equipped to manage your brand, build up its equity and expand your audience. The execution may require a little work, but the payoff is worth it in the end. Continue Reading…

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