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CNP Makes Tampa Bay Business Journal’s List of Top Agencies


Last week, we were proud to learn that CNP was ranked # 17 on Tampa Bay Business Journal's list of advertising & marketing agencies.

Moving up three notches from number 20 last year, the list is based on the number of agency employees in the Tampa Bay market.   Continue Reading…

Creating Sublime Text 3 Plugins – Part 1


No, Python is not a large snake and Sublime Text is not an obscure reference to the 90's ska-punk band (at least not in this context). Rather, prepare to be amazed at the wonders of plugin development and making programs work for you.


I’m writing this article in the hope that you (like me) are about to embark on a noble journey: the attempt to create your first Sublime Text 3 (ST3) plugin. Let me preface this article with the understanding that I am by no means a master ST3 plugin developer, but I will do my best to outline key points in the creation process that (to me) were a bit fuzzy. Continue Reading…

Top Tips for Social Media Branding

Social Media Branding

If you’re like me, attention to detail and a consistent, fresh look is important no matter what platform you’re using. From advertisements to flyers, and emails to social media posts, imagery is vital to sharing a message with your audience.

These visual stories help reinforce your purpose, but in an easy-to-digest way. What you share, how you share it and why it connects with your audience is the key to successfully branding your social media channels.  I’ve compiled a few quick tips on on how you can apply your brand to a few of the most popular social media networks and a list of the current social media image sizes for each network. Working within these confines and knowing what’s possible and what isn’t will help you own your page by branding it effectively both visually and emotionally.  Continue Reading…

CNP to Host Lunch & Learn in Orlando Office


Please join us this Thursday (6/26) at 11:00am in our Orlando office for a Lunch & Learn event featuring CNP's Digital Strategist Jarrett Smith.

We would also like to extend the invitation to our community of clients and friends. Jarrett will be facilitating a presentation about our unique inbound marketing strategy. For organizations looking to drive traffic to their websites, this brief should not be missed.

Our fundamental approach to marketing in today’s environment is based on a hub-and-spoke methodology. Your website is the single, central hub for all your brand’s content and will have more eyes on it than any other marketing tactic. We will illustrate how to effectively leverage your marketing efforts to increase engagement through your most critical marketing tool, your website.

In addition to the workshop, CNP will be providing a catered Chipotle lunch, followed by an optional ‘watch party’ as team USA takes on Germany in the 2014 World Cup. Please RSVP to Leslie Heimer or tweet @leslieheimer.

The Right Way to do WordPress Custom Taxonomy Rewrites


If you look at the default WordPress archive for a taxonomy (like "Categories"), it can be hard to tell which post type the taxonomy belongs to. Fortunately, taxonomy rewrite rules help us dynamically rewrite the URL.

Ok, this is just a quick hit, but it touches on something that has annoyed me for a long time. Here’s the situation:

  1. Say you’ve got a Custom Post Type, like “Work.” Hypothetically.
  2. Say you’ve got a Custom Taxonomy for Work, called Type.

You’d expect that the standard link for an individual term of the Type Taxonomy to be “,” but it’s not. It’s “”

This makes No Sense to me, because when you register the taxonomy, you tell it which Post Type it belongs to, right here:

register_taxonomy('type', 'work', array(...

That’s okay though, because we can use WordPress’ rewrite rules to change the link:

So all I’m doing here is rewriting the slug for the Type Taxonomy to “” and making sure that the Permalink structure doesn’t interfere.

So how do we fix it? For the longest time, my answer was to gnash my teeth and go back to the other URL structure. However, as one of my colleagues pointed out, it’s all about the order that you register taxonomies and post types.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but you need to register the Custom Taxonomy BEFORE the Custom Post Type that it belongs to in order for the rewrite rule to work. The taxonomy needs to “exist” before the post type in order for WordPress to build the URL correctly.

Leslie Heimer Joins the CNP Team and Opens Orlando Office

The view from the new office is amazing!

The view from the new office is amazing!

I’m pleased to announce today that CNP has opened a second office in downtown Orlando, as part of our long-term growth strategy.  We’ve noticed a fairly steady influx of fully integrated clients based in the City Beautiful,  so we’re trying to expand our physical footprint to suit.

The location, in the heart of downtown (on Orange Ave. & Wall St.) should help us draw in new business and enhance client offerings under the leadership of our newly appointed Vice President of Strategy and Development Leslie Heimer. She’ll head up marketing and strategy for our Orlando-based clients.

A sixth generation native to Central Florida, Leslie received her BS from the University of Florida and is currently working on her MS in Brand Management. She has more than 17 years of corporate development experience and has received numerous awards for her work in brand strategy and community involvement.

Previously, Leslie managed the Strategic Development division of Spalding Consulting, Inc., an IT and Financial Management company located in the Maryland/DC area. As Program Manager for a number of client support teams, her ability to offer marketing and awareness campaigns for complex IT solutions gained her clients national exposure and secured critical program funding.

Download the Full Press Release

Check out the article in The Ledger

PS – Leslie would LOVE to buy you lunch! Just shoot her an email.

An Explanation of Domain Name System (DNS)

explaining dns

If you have your own website or domain name, you may have had to deal with DNS entries, especially if you have ever moved your website from one web hosting provider to another or changed email services. The Domain Name System is one of the hidden, behind-the-scenes technologies that makes the Internet work.

How does DNS work and why is it such an integral part of all things Internet? Well, when you type a domain name into your browser’s address bar, your Internet service provider’s domain name server translates that domain into an IP address by looking at the website’s domain records. With the resulting IP address, your browser can locate the requested website. Continue Reading…

The 5-point Oath for Digital Immigrants


NOTE: If you currently have 19 web pages open on two ginormous side-by-side computer monitors, a mind-boggling flow of social media notifications on your iPhone and an iPad in your lap streaming Game of Thrones – this post is not for you.

The rest of you – you know who you are.

You have the necessary skills required to send a fax. In lieu of texting, you have actually spoken to someone on the phone in the past week. You adore the sensual feel of 20-lb. multi-purpose copy paper. Every now and then, you even like to pull out your old trusty old Rolodex and take a sniff of all your “experience.” Continue Reading…

Building on Emmet: Crafting your own Sublime CSS Snippets


Emmet is a shorthand system for front-end developers, so if you're an ex-stenographer or you just get a kick from coding by dictation, you're gonna love it. Even better: you can add your own shortcuts too.

First things First: Install Emmet

If you’re building websites via Sublime and you haven’t installed Emmet yet, go do that now. Why, you ask? Because I couldn’t imagine writing CSS without it. Continue Reading…

One Thing Martin Says About Advertising & Creative

No. It’s a word that so many fear, yet we hear it all the time. To be completely honest, often times we downright expect it. It is how you take it and use it to your advantage that can set you apart. To me, no means: revise, reimagine, dig deeper, go higher, be bold.


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