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CNP is Clark/Nikdel/Powell. For more than two decades, we've cultivated a talented and diverse family of advertising, marketing and web development pros based in Winter Haven, Florida. Our collective passion is to help clients from Central Florida to Silicon Valley grow, thrive, stand out, seize opportunities and become wildly successful.

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Sam Mello

Creating Sublime Text 3 Plugins - Part 2

Posted by Sam Mello on Oct 30, 2014

Remember that Sublime Text 3 plugin we started? Let's get that bad boy finished so you can get back to pranking your colleagues and then, hopefully, writing meaningful extensions to make your life easier.

Time for a Frisbee Break

Posted by Martin Corbin on Oct 17, 2014

How SEO is Like the Art of Bonsai

Posted by AJ Heisey on Sep 22, 2014

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Martin Corbin One Thing Martin says about Advertising & Creative

Taking No For An Answer

No. It’s a word that so many fear, yet we hear it all the time. To be completely honest, often times we downright expect it. It is how you take it and use it to your advantage that can set you apart. To me, no means: revise, reimagine, dig deeper, go higher, be bold.